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Steering Wheels Buying Guide

There are many ways to upgrade a vehicle, and many of these tactics involve changing out the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and installing parts that have more "personality" or are better suited to the primary driver. Replacing the steering wheel can make a difference not only in a vehicle's appearance, but also in how the vehicle handles and turns. There are many different types of steering wheels available, and steering wheels are used on all kinds of motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, ATVs, golf carts, SUVs, RVs, buses, and boats. A few types of vehicles use handlebars instead of a wheel; these include motorcycles, scooters, and snowmobiles. In order to replace a steering wheel, one should have a basic understanding of the steering system. A buyer should also be able to specify what type of vehicle the steering wheel is for, since the sizes and designs can vary considerably. Knowing the year, make, and model of the vehicle may also be import
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TATRA Delivered 1186 Trucks in 2020 & Keeps Production Unlike Many Automakers Across Europe

Despite the pandemic and worldwide decline in the automotive industry, the Kopřivnice-based Tatra Trucks have achieved their production goals and fulfilled their commitments to customers. In total, they delivered 1,186 trucks to their customers. In 2020, they also celebrated their 170th anniversary and won a major contract in Germany. In 2020, Tatra Trucks A.S. won new orders together with partner companies and produced some unique vehicles. Above all, there was the delivery of 41 TATRA FORCE 4x4 special fire trucks, with an option for another 5 units for fire brigades of the federal state of Brandenburg, where TATRA cooperates with their long-term partner THT Polička. This is the first such large order for TATRA fire trucks in strongly competitive Germany. Already at the beginning of the year, TATRA cooperated with Excalibur Army and THT Polička to deliver the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic with two special fire trucks - a tanker-type rugged CZS 15 Triton fire

TATRA Trucks for Agriculture

Tailored superstructures - TATRA has a tailored a solution for your business together with our partners. A large trailer or systems of exchangeable superstructures will meet your expectations. Efficient transportation - With the TATRA agricultural tractor unit, the transportation of cargoes from the field is much more efficient than using a classic tractor . Unique TATRA chassis - All vehicles leverage on excellent driving characteristics of the TATRA chassis concept. Thoughtfulness and mobility - Thanks to the TATRA chassis and Allison automatic transmission copes with the toughest terrain. Flotation tires with the central inflating system mitigate the specific pressures on agricultural land. Tatra T158-8P5R33 6x6 Specs 16,500 kg fifth-wheel load 6x6 All-Wheel Drive vehicle 340 kW Engine PACCAR MX 340, EURO 5, 340 kW, 2 300 Nm/ 1 000 - 1 410 rpm Transmission 16-speed manual/automated ZF, or 6-speed automatic Allison Cab Short, two-seated, A/C, independent

How to Buying a Used Truck Engine?

The engine is perhaps the most important part of a truck. After all, a truck without an engine is basically a large tin can that can’t go anywhere. That’s why many truck owners ensure they take care of their truck’s engine by having it checked regularly and by not abusing its capacity. However, there may be times when the engine stops functioning, whether its because of an accident or a malfunction not covered by the warranty. In such cases, the owner may opt to buy a new truck or replace the engine. Purchasing an engine can be expensive, but not as expensive as buying a new truck, depending on the circumstances. However, an even better option is buying a used engine. This document aims to educate buyers on how to purchase a used truck engine. First, the advantages of buying a used engine will be outlined. Before looking for used engines, buyers should familiarize themselves on the different major parts of an engine, as well as the different types of engines. Buying a used truck

New Tatra PHOENIX Euro 6 Truck

The latest generation of the highly successful Tatra PHOENIX Euro 6 truck will be launched in April this year. Made by the oldest Czech automotive producer, the 2018 model will offer customers even more effective solutions for their transportation needs. New Tatra PHOENIX Euro 6 2018 model is similar in appearance to the current generation – though there are some differences in the colour scheme, as the new model combines the body colour with the matte and gloss black cabin front grille sections. However, the real changes are underneath the surface, in the technological solutions developed for the 2018 model – creating a completely new generation of vehicles that offer enhanced added value to customers. To sum up the main differences between the 2018 model Tatra PHOENIX Euro 6 and its predecessors, the new generation of this popular truck is quieter, more technically sophisticated, more powerful, and more user-friendly – as well as being able to carry an increased payload.

Three-way tipper TATRA TERRNo1 T 815-280S25

The cab-over-engine chassis, platform trucks and tippers are designed to be used in the civilian sector. 4x4, 6x4, 6x6 and 8x8 drives are available. The King Frame name stands for combined suspension consisting of mechanical leaf or coil springs and high-pressure air bellows. The vehicle range is a direct successor to the T 815-2 EURO II commercial range. The strict unification of individual vehicle groups assures the production of a realistic range of individual vehicle versions. Upon customer request, a classic directly air-cooled eight-cylinder ON AIRTM Euro 5 engine of TATRA design and production can be mounted under the tilt cab, as well as some selected liquid-cooled units from other producers. In 2010 this main vehicle product range underwent a significant structural and design facelift. Vehicles are equipped as standard with an electronic TATRA-Norgren electronic gear shift system.

Disadvantages of New OEM Parts

What are some of the disadvantages of new OEM parts? Many car owners insist on using OEM parts . But, many do not realize the real disadvantages to doing so. They pay a higher price than they would on aftermarket parts. They may be paying that higher price for lower quality parts. They also may have to go through a dealer or wait a long time to get those parts to their own mechanic. So, you can wait longer, pay more, and get lower quality parts when you choose to use OEM parts instead of aftermarket ones. Probably the biggest one of the disadvantages of new OEM parts is price. In most cases, you will pay a higher price than you would for the same thing in aftermarket parts. In many cases you can pay 60% or higher for the same or similar part. That markup helps dealers make their profit margins. That is one reason why many insurance companies will demand collision repair shops use aftermarket parts on repairs instead of OEM. If you have a new car accident, it is important to requ

Advantages of Aftermarket Parts

You can see the advantages of aftermarket parts. The first major advantage is cost. Many OEM products can cost significantly more than their aftermarket counterparts do. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. This company manufactured the original truck such as Tatra or Scania. You usually pay 60% or more for an OEM product over the aftermarket counterpart. If you want to save money when making an automobile repair, it is best to use aftermarket parts to keep the cost down. Another of the significant advantages of aftermarket parts is availability. One of the biggest problems with OEM parts is that you have to order them through a dealership. This limits the places where you can get work done. If you can find a mechanic that is willing to order the OEM parts, you often have to wait days or even weeks to get the parts delivered. With aftermarket products you can find them on the shelves of just about any auto parts store or gas station in your area. You can also find a wi

American Terex sells Czech Tatra

Terex has concluded the sale of its 80.5 percent holding in Tatra a.s. to Blue River s.r.o. for approximately $26.2 million in cash plus the repayment of all inter-company debt owed to Terex by Tatra of approximately $31.6 million. Additionally, Blue River will take over all of Tatra’s external debt, which totals approximately $22 million. Terex had previously identified Tatra, a Czech-based manufacturer of heavy duty on and off road trucks, as a non-core operation. The buyer, Blue River s.r.o., is a Czech-based consortium of four international private investors, led by Ronald Adams, originally from Texas and a member of the Tatra supervisory board, which until recently was chaired by Fil Filipov. “Terex’s management team regularly evaluates current operations and future opportunities to determine the most appropriate allocation of resources,” said Ronald M. DeFeo, Terex’s chairman and chief executive officer. “After detailed analysis, Tatra was identified as non-core

Heavy Truck Tatra T816 LIWA Military Version

Tatra T816 LIWA used by Czech Army, Slovak Army, Israeli army, Indian Army, Saudi Arabia Army, Arabian Emirates Army, US army etc. A large number of Tatra T816 LIWA trucks is in service with United Arab Emirates. The Tatra T816 is powered by a German Deutz 1015C turbocharged diesel engine, developing 544 hp.  It is worth mentioning that most other Tatra trucks use indigenous air-cooled diesel engines. Engine is located under and behind the cab. It is mated to American 6-speed automatic transmission. An 8x8 configuration is selected over rough terrain. On hard surface roads an 8x4 configuration is selected for maximum range and speed. Both front axles are steered. Tatra T816 LIWA Specs Entered service 1996 Configuration 8x8 Cab seating 1 + 2 men Dimensions and weight Weight 15.7 t Payload capacity 13.7 - 20.3 t Length 8.9 m Width 2.6 m Height 3.14 m

Nexen Summer Tires for Trucks

During unbearable condition of summer weather with dry texture of soil and roads emitting continuous heat, we often opt for a high performance tire for our loaded vehicles including trucks with varied size and range. If you intensely observe market trends, several companies are offering their products to match your preference but all are not up to the mark. You laboriously wander to find suitable tires for your heavily loaded truck working in scorching summer. It is supposed that all experts would suggest you the Nexen Summer Tires for Trucks. They are visibly the most trustable companion of your truck with longevity approved by its users. It also enhances durable ability to manage your heavy loads. Summer Tires for Trucks: Altered weather would not be able to change the performance of your truck if you fix Nexen Summer Tires for Trucks. It shows Dry Grip with outstanding proficiency to ease your worries. If time demands it can also enhance its Wet Grip. Feedback that you

110th Anniversary of Automotive Production at TATRA

On September 1 the TATRA automobile company celebrated its 110th anniversary of the moment when the first manufactured automobile – the legendary Präsident – left the TATRA plant. More than 30,000 people came to the testing Polygon to join in. The grand all-day program was topped off by a magnificent fireworks display. Tatra is a Czech vehicle manufacturer in Kopřivnice. It is owned by the Tatra Trucks company, based in Ostrava, and is the third oldest company in the world producing cars with an unbroken history. The company was founded in 1850 as Ignatz Schustala & Comp., in 1890 renamed Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft when it became a wagon and carriage manufacturer. In 1897, Tatra produced the first motor car in central Europe, the Präsident automobile. In 1921, it changed its name to Kopřivnická vozovka a.s., and in 1919 changed from the Nesselsdorfer marque to the Tatra badge, named after the nearby Tatra Mountains on the Czechoslovak-Polish border.