Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nexen Summer Tires for Trucks

During unbearable condition of summer weather with dry texture of soil and roads emitting continuous heat, we often opt for a high performance tire for our loaded vehicles including trucks with varied size and range. If you intensely observe market trends, several companies are offering their products to match your preference but all are not up to the mark. You laboriously wander to find suitable tires for your heavily loaded truck working in scorching summer. It is supposed that all experts would suggest you the Nexen Summer Tires for Trucks. They are visibly the most trustable companion of your truck with longevity approved by its users. It also enhances durable ability to manage your heavy loads.

Outstanding Qualities:
  • Altered weather would not be able to change the performance of your truck if you fix Nexen Summer Tires for Trucks. It shows Dry Grip with outstanding proficiency to ease your worries.
  • If time demands it can also enhance its Wet Grip.
  • Feedback that you will get is something to be highly preferred. At the same time, it shows extraordinary progressiveness to maintain good pace.
  • Your comfort level will also be highly increased.
  • It possesses surprising handling capability and cornering job performed by it is of excellent level.
  • Flexible durability with huge load has increased its performance level.
  • Stability it has is unmatched.
Flexible Range:

Saturday, November 03, 2007

110th Anniversary of Automotive Production at TATRA

On September 1 the TATRA automobile company celebrated its 110th anniversary of the moment when the first manufactured automobile – the legendary Präsident – left the TATRA plant.

More than 30,000 people came to the testing Polygon to join in. The grand all-day program was topped off by a magnificent fireworks display.
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