Saturday, February 18, 2012

Disadvantages of New OEM Parts

What are some of the disadvantages of new OEM parts? Many car owners insist on using OEM parts. But, many do not realize the real disadvantages to doing so. They pay a higher price than they would on aftermarket parts. They may be paying that higher price for lower quality parts. They also may have to go through a dealer or wait a long time to get those parts to their own mechanic. So, you can wait longer, pay more, and get lower quality parts when you choose to use OEM parts instead of aftermarket ones.

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Probably the biggest one of the disadvantages of new OEM parts is price. In most cases, you will pay a higher price than you would for the same thing in aftermarket parts. In many cases you can pay 60% or higher for the same or similar part. That markup helps dealers make their profit margins. That is one reason why many insurance companies will demand collision repair shops use aftermarket parts on repairs instead of OEM. If you have a new car accident, it is important to request that your insurance company cover the cost of OEM parts to make sure you do not invalidate your warranty.

Another of the big disadvantages of new OEM parts is they may be of lower quality than the original parts. Many car manufacturers use two different standards on the parts they use in the original vehicle versus what they sell as OEM replacement parts. Many manufacturers use better materials and better manufacturing practices on the original parts. They outsource the replacement parts to China, India, or another country. The quality out of those sources is usually much lower than the original parts. That means you are paying a premium for a substandard part.

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A final thought on the major disadvantages of new OEM parts is the choice of using a dealership or waiting on parts. OEM parts are easily available through most dealerships. However, that can have distinct advantages and disadvantages. It means there is no price competition. You can request your mechanic order OEM parts, but that can take more time than getting an aftermarket part readily delivered. This choice is not a winning situation for most car owners. They spend more money on OEM parts and may have to wait longer to get them. It is just as important as understanding the advantages to these parts as well.

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